How the Service Works

A complimentary consultation will take place in your home. This will give me the opportunity to meet you and get to know your specific situation, expectations and dietary needs. After the initial meeting, you will fill out a brief Client Assessment Form. This will familiarize me with any medical conditions, dietary restrictions as well as your food preferences. Please note that I cannot provide this service for individuals with food allergies.

From this point, I will create custom menu suggestions designed for  you and your family. All meal plans will require your selections and approval. You may also incorporate any of your favorite recipes. We will also determine what type of schedule and service is optimal for you.

Grocery Shopping

The ingredients for your meals will be purchased by me the day of the food preparation.  I will also gladly pick up any additional grocery items you need, just email me a list the night before .  Grocery shopping happens to be one of my favorite activities.  I love foraging at various local markets finding the freshest, best, seasonal ingredients.

Food Preparation

After grocery shopping,  I will come to your home with my kitchen tools to prepare and cook your menu selections.  It is not necessary that you are home while I am cooking.  We will discuss the logistics of home entry during our consultation.  The time that I spend in your home will depend on your menu selections.

Your meals will be neatly packaged, dated, labeled, and stored appropriately, either in the refrigerator or freezer. Complete heating instructions will be provided. There are many options for food storage containers which we will discuss.

When I leave,  your kitchen will be left in the same clean condition as when I arrived. 



Surely we can make a customized package work for you.  The plans are adaptable to your specific budget and time schedule.  Before any of my services are rendered, the price will be determined.  There will be no hidden costs.  A 50% deposit is due prior to your cook day.  Full payment is due on the day of service.  Checks, cash and PayPal are accepted.

Base Fees- (variable for individual plan)  Does not include cost of groceries

Dinner  for Four for Three Nights

This package includes generous servings for Four of Three main entrees and Three  sides of your choice.

The first meal is fully prepped and  ready to go into the oven, the stove or grill that evening. Typically this would be fresh fish or other highly  perishable food items.

The second meal is one which is best to serve within 48 hours of preparation.

The third meal is prepared and frozen and will last several weeks in the freezer, but is best served within 7 days of preparation.   Typically this would be a casserole, stew or lasagna.

Dinner  for Four for Two Nights

This package includes generous servings for Four of two main entrees and two side dishes of your preference, as well as choices of Healthy Snacks, Lunch Box Items, Soup, Dessert  

Healthy Snacks-homemade hummus, freshly cut crudités, freshly cut fruit, granola, power balls.

Lunch Boxes Items for kids and adults

Soup- may be frozen in individual serving size containers

Dessert-Cookies Brownies Bar Cookies  Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce


The base rate for these services is $225 per visit.  Approximately eight hours of menu planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning.




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