(Historical site.  All Fibonacci Ribbons retired March 2015)

What sets the Fibonacci Ribbon apart:
The Fibonacci Transducer™ is a true ribbon loudspeaker. Exactly like a classical ribbon, the aluminum composite diaphragm carries the amplifiers' musical information.  It is the current that leaves the amplifier - flowing the ribbon conductors - - that directly creates the motion in the air we hear as sound. There is no generation loss, no dynamically constricting transformer, no resonance-storing mechanical linkages, no floppy old cone. The sound from a ribbon is true to its source.  Pure.  Naturally musical.

But the Fibonacci Transducer™ goes several leaps further. Unlike classical ribbons, which were notoriously inefficient, low impedance and very difficult on most amplifiers, a Fibonacci Ribbon is high impedance, extremely efficient and a dream for any amplifier to drive.

Classical ribbons, when played loudly, would spin and flip and generate clearly audible distortion (just before they or the amplifier burned out). Fibonacci Ribbon can play at extraordinarily loud volume levels yet stays beautifully controlled and show no hints of distortion.

Classical ribbons required the listener to stay in the "sweet spot", defined by a very particular height within a narrow horizontal window ( "the head in a vice effect"). A Fibonacci Transducer™, because of its unique, patented curved diaphragm, has a vertical listening window the height of the entire ribbon, and is not the least bit particular about the horizontal window. We call this the Sweet Field™.

Classical ribbons would always struggle at the extreme top end, losing a bit sparkle just when one needed it most. Because the Fibonacci Ribbon™ is so much lighter than historical ribbons it excels at high frequencies.  Even our largest ribbons exhibit measured performance to well beyond 30kHz, and reproduces the top end with detail and delicacy that beforehand had been impossible for any kind of loudspeaker.

And there is more:

The computer-optimized drive system of the Fibonacci Ribbon Transducers™' is so advanced, at normal listening levels the distortion is so vanishingly low it can not be precisely measured (in most cases, it is lower than that of the accompanying amplifier.) At extremely high listening levels, what little distortion the ribbon produces is entirely even order harmonic - the type to which the ear is least sensitive but subconsciously registers as a kind of harmonic enrichment, the same intrinsic quality of most good tube amplifiers.

A Fibonacci Transducer™, by its very nature, interacts with the room far less than any conventional loudspeaker.   Because the Fibonacci Transducer™ reproduces very little sound above or below its length, there are no floor and ceiling reflections. It is floor and ceiling reflections that cause the "gymnasium effect" from which all conventional dome-and-cone- loudspeakers suffer. Home theaters outfitted with Fibonacci Ribbon Transducers™ do not require extensive floor and ceiling treatment,  and there is no need for complex digital room correction.

The Fibonacci Ribbons' energy stays tightly focussed within the "sweet field™" listening window and loses very little volume with distance. This means that one can very close to one ribbon and quite far away from a second, yet hear them both clearly. One would think that this is more important in large listening rooms, but we have found it is actually equally crucial in smaller listening environments, where one often needs to be quite close to one of the loudspeakers.

And then, there is the absence of a crossover.  There is no crossover throughout the entire bandwidth.  With all conventional loudspeakers, it is that crossover that - no matter how well designed - ultimately compromises vocal accuracy.  All Fibonacci Ribbons™ can cover a bandwidth of 80Hz to beyond 30kHz, the entire range of human voice, seamlessly.

The Fibonacci Transducer™ is generations closer to the original recording.  And it shows.  It is obvious, immediately, with one brief listen.  The clarity is astounding.The sound of a Fibonacci Ribbon Transducer™ is wonderfully coherent, natural musical, subtle, complex and sophisticated but not in the least mechanical. Our best phrase to describe its unique character is harmonic continuity™.

Its other qualities - unrivaled speed in dynamics, natural musicality, harmonic continuity....  these attributes are intrinsic to the nature and execution of its design, and the superiority of all of those little things before it.

There is a difference. One brief listen is all it takes.™


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