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On March 27, 2008, at the Montreal Festival du Son, Fibonacci Technologies debuted the first significant evolutionary advancement in ribbon loudspeaker technology since the days of Apogee Acoustics, with the introduction of the Fibonacci Ribbon Transducer™.   On April 1, 2010, came the revolutionary step: the Fibonacci1.1 Gen 3.1: a single ribbon transducer that far surpasses the performance of all previous ribbons, overcomes all of their shortcomings, and  fulfills the full home theater spectrum from 80Hz to 20kHz.  On September 20th, 2011, the revolution climaxed with the Fibonacci Mariposa™, a single ribbon transducer with twice the radiaing area of the fibonacci 1.1, higher sensitivity, and an unprecendented bandwidth of 20Hz to beyond 30kHz.  The world’s first full range ribbon.  Coming in January 2015 is the Phoenix, the world’s first aperiodically damped acoustic suspension full range ribbon monitor.


Fibonacci Mariposa (TM) Ribbon Towers and B&W Matrix 801 Series III in the North Creek Showroom, Sedona AZ


Fibonacci ribbons were designed from their inception to be the most vocally accurate family of loudspeaker transducers ever built.  Its sense of natural musicality and harmonic continuity is unrivaled by any other type of loudspeaker.  Its accuracy with the most difficult of all instruments to reproduce properly - the human voice - lends itself to all other instruments as well.  Combining all of the speed and clarity dynamics of a classical ribbon with a large listening window and unprecedented dynamics, the Fibonacci Full Range Ribbon Loudspeakers effortlessly convey every nuance and subtlety in both music and film recordings and communicate an uncanny degree of emotional realism. 

As most newly constructed home theaters call for loudspeakers to be built into dedicated chambers beside and behind the video screen, the Fibonacci 1.1 and Mariposa can be configured to to be flush mounted in a sealed enclosure that is built into standard 16-inch on-center stud bays.  Typical flat wall, between half-round pillars or other visual accouterments, or behind the video screen installations are all available.  We request only that we are contacted and given a detailed description of the installation so that we may optimize each transducer for its environment.  The Miraposa™ center channel, essentially the top third of a full Miraposa™ transducer, is also available  for mounting above or below the video screen

Mariposa™Full Range Ribbon Transducer in a walnut pillar, optimized for for
performance behind a acoustically transparent front projection video screen

Pillar installations may be rectangular, half-round or fully round, and may be either wall-backed or free standing.    The Fibonacci Ribbons’ acoustic characteristics can be optimized during production for any of these configurations.  With the exception of the Mariposa™ center channel, the only requirement is that the ribbon must be mounted such that the bottom edge is 32 inches above the floor.

Front_Gray_Poster_2For free-standing and two-channel applications, we have developed the
Phoenix Ribbon Monitor, the world’s first aperiodically damped acoustic suspension full range ribbon.  The Phoenix is an elegant narrow tower just under six feet in height, constructed in our unique, diffraction-optimized cabinet.  Phoenix is actually two loudspeakers in one; it may be set out in the room in free field, the preferred listening position of most audiophiles,  or with the flick of a switch, placed within one foot of the wall were it excels at Near Wall Specific™ performance.  Phoenix also contains impedance optimization control, so one may properly match solid state or valve amplification.  A forth order high pass filter at 130Hz (standard on all home theater processors and available on several two-channel pre-amps) and a dedicated subwoofer is required.  Phoenix will become available in late January 2015.

For unique or unusual applications, Fibonacci Technologies also has the ability to custom manufacture a plethora of both classical and Fibonacci Ribbon Transducers™ including the extraordinary Big Daddies, a pure classical ribbon loudspeaker at just under seven feet tall and a free air resonance of 3Hz, the world’s first true full range classical ribbon.  One is limited only by the laws of physics and one’s imagination.

Loudspeakers built with the Fibonacci Ribbon Transducer™ are simply stunning.  Their speed, ability to retrieve layers and layers of detail, and sense of harmonic continuity are unrivaled by any other type of loudspeaker today and ohh.... the clarity! 

Proudly made by hand in Sedona, Arizona by craftsmen who care.



“We believe that enduring quality is the most significant
virtue of any product”


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