Design Philosophy

(Historical site.  All Fibonacci Ribbons retired March 2015)

Throughout the 20 years we have been in the business of high end audio, the company has been guided by one simple philosophy:

We believe that enduring quality is the most significant virtue of any product.

Having been an audiophile since my early teens, and a professional loudspeaker designer for 25 years, I have had the privilege of being part of and witness to what has become two revolutionary changes in the nature of personal entertainment: the evolution of the recording process and the emergence of Modern Home Theater.

The recording process today has become so refined that the subtlest details are now clearly captured and can be naturally recreated if one’s audio system is up to it.  Two-channel recordings today are absolutely spectacular, while five channel and theater soundtracks bring a level of realism that is even more convincing. 

Modern home theater completely changed with high definition video and movies conceived of to be recorded in surround sound.  It has evolved from “watching a movie” to “going to a private movie theater” to what it has become today, almost like one becomes an invisible observer within the unfolding events that are the movie.  It is very different than seeing a movie in a public movie theater where - let’s face it - even the best theater speakers are not very good, the dialogue is usually way too loud and often unintelligible, and the seats are nowhere near as comfy as home.

The first time I realized the home theater experience had surpassed the public theater and become that profound was while watching Lord of the Rings “The Two Towers” The Riders of Rohan,  when I felt like I was standing next to Aragorn and being enveloped by the encircling Riders.  Full immersion.   I had seen the move in a public theater when it was originally released and it was nowhere near as powerful.  Good home theater is a profound change in the way we experience a movie.

How much do the speakers matter?  Well, not as much as the size of the video source, to be sure, but granted one’s the screen is large enough, the key to full immersion within modern home theater is the loudspeakers’ vocal accuracy.  

The ear is most sensitive to aberrations in spoken voice.  Its re-creation is the cornerstone of great home theater.  Any fault in the re-creation of human voice and the illusion is compromised. 

Recognizing this one fact about the nature of High End Home Theater forced a completely re-thinking of our products’ attributes.  The most fundamental goal of the development of the Fibonacci Transducer™ was to do this one thing - re-create human voice in the listening environment - more accurately than any other loudspeaker that came before.

Loudspeakers are funny things.  They are electrical, mechanical, and acoustic.  Then they interact with the room. Because of the their fundamental technological limitations, conventional loudspeaker designs need to do some very complex things in order to achieve a very simple result.  A Fibonacci Transducer is the opposite.  Among the reasons it is so much better than conventional transducers is that each and every element has been examined and reduced through generations of simplification, each attribute and signature minimized, and the kernal of the loudspeaker refined to a level never before attempted. The fact is that no other transducer in history has the capabilities of the Fibonacci Ribbon.


The rest has followed naturally. Accuracy in human voice extends to every other instrument.  The unrivaled speed of a ribbon extends the top end to well beyond the threshold of hearing with stunning liquidity.  Countless hours of listening and delicate fine-tuning lead to a voicing that is so continuous and so harmonically natural one can not believe the sound is coming from a loudspeaker.  This with unprecedented transparency, dynamics, resolution and oh...... the clarity! 

The Fibonacci Ribbon Transducer™ not only sets an entirely new standard for audio reproduction, it also redefines the highest standard of the home theater experience.

There is a difference.  One brief listen is all it takes.


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