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(Historical Site.  All Fibonacci Ribbons retired March 2015)

The Fibonacci Ribbon Transducer™ main and center channel in-wall ribbons redefine the state-of-the-art in home theater loudspeakers: they are the first loudspeakers in history to be capable of reproducing human voice so accurately and naturally and with minimal room interaction that the last barrier into full immersion has been crossed.

Contrary to popular belief, a loudspeaker flush mounted in-wall actually represents an optimal acoustic environment. In fact, most anechoic chambers are designed with the capability of flush mounting the test transducer within a wall in order to more accurately measure it.   Flush mounted on a smooth surface, a loudspeaker does not experience any early reflections or acoustic field discontinuities, and is therefore capable of “textbook” performance. 

All conventional loudspeakers suffer from floor and ceiling reflections that can dramatically alter the sound quality of even the best traditional loudspeaker systems.  Because floor and ceiling reflections are purely local phenomenon on a micro scale, their effect in typical media rooms is that the left and right loudspeakers may sound completely different even though they measure – and sound – identical in the manufacturer’s lab.  Either require extensive floor and ceiling treatments are required to sound their best, or they rapidly lose clarity and voice intelligibility with distance.   Because Fibonacci Ribbon Transducers™ do not generate these reflections, the effortlessly maintain vocal clarity even at considerable distances, and the left and right loudspeakers sound the same.  This translates directly to better imaging, a rock solid sound field, and far superior voice intelligibility.

The Fibonacci 1.1 Gen 3.1 Installation Manual is available here in Adobe .pdf.


One of the most unusual – and prized – characteristics of a long ribbon transducer is that their perceived loudness level decreases very little with increasing distance.  What this means to the home theater installer is that one can accomplish a uniform multi-channel sound field over an extremely large listening area –typically ten to twelve times the square footage that one can achieve with conventional loudspeaker technology – without any complicated set up procedures or frequency response massaging.  Of this the Fibonacci in-wall ribbons take full advantage.

In-wall cabinet requirements are not complicated.  The cabinet volume is 2.5 cubic feet, a minimum of three inches deep and a maximum of 48 inches tall.  The ribbons are supplied with optimized protection circuitry, all required wiring and connectors, and Leed-certified acoustic damping material.  Standard cabinet plans are available here.

More info very soon!  Please see “Design Philosophy”, “Technology”, and “Designer’s Comments”

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