The most vocally accurate™ loudspeakers ever made.


(Historical site.  All Fibonacci Ribbons retired March 2015)

Welcome to Fibonacci Technologies! 

We are proud to bring you an entirely new generation of free standing, in-wall and full range ribbon speakers based on the revolutionary Fibonacci Ribbon Transducer™, the most vocally accurate™ loudspeaker ever made.

The Fibonacci Transducer™ is the first loudspeaker in history capable of full range performance from a single ribbon driver.  There is no crossover, no voicing or tonality changes, and no complicated integration issue.  The speed, transparency and natural musicality of the Fibonacci Ribbon Transducer™ completely transforms the way one experiences movies and music: they are the first loudspeaker ever capable of reproducing human voice and music so accurately the listening experience transcends into full immersion.

Whether you are an audiophile, home theater builder, music lover or movie buff, making the Fibonacci Transducer™ the cornerstone of your audio system will bring an entirely new level of enjoyment!

Please take this opportunity to explore our unique technology and product family. 
(Fibonacci products retired MArch 2015)


At left is the Fibonacci Technologies’ Phoenix Aperiodically Damped Acoustic Suspension Full Range Ribbon...
a whole new take on ribbon loudspeaker technology.  Faster, clearer, more accurate and more musical than
any ribbon that has come before.  More info soon!


Cornville-Page Springs, AZ  86325-4919

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